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Backyard Remodeling

Your Perfect Backyard

An outdoor space makes your home look visually appealing. It does not only provide you with extra personal space for fun and enjoyment but enhances the exterior of your home. So, you must pay attention to revamping your backyard.
But there can be a lot of design  decisions with that,  soSunset Home Builder is the perfect partner for this project with our vast experience in backyard remodeling.

What points to consider
getting your Backyard remodeled?

You should envision your goals for the entire home before remodeling this home extension because it will impact the other outdoor spaces of your home too.

For example, Do you want a modern or a classic backyard? Or should you go for luxury living or a countryside feeling? Would you prefer a space for some entertainment, or do you want a sense of your own personal oasis?

You have to consider these things when you decide to renovate and remodel your backyard.
But with our services, we will guide you through the process from start to finish.


We offer a variety of pavers according to your need and the design of your home. Pavers add value to your home and provide almost a 30% return on investment on reselling.
Paver installation needs professional handling and proper workmanship, otherwise you may see cracks or just uneven surfaces. To avoid that, we offer the following paving options for homeowners like you.

Concrete pavers

Concrete Pavers are versatile and safe. The cost is relatively low and come in bespoke designs and
unlimited colors. They do not require a lot of maintenance.

Brick Pavers

They are durable and unbeatable in strength. They are resistant to slipping and skidding and provide an environment-friendly option. They come is several surface finishes, colours and designs to compliment the architectural design of your home.

Stone Pavers

The earthy look with a textured surface is a go-to paving option for you, if you have a good budget to spend on the pavers. Stone pavers are easy to clean and maintain. They are hygienic and versatile in designs. They are overall a great investment for your home if you are looking for something long-term.

Pet-friendly Contractors

We are a pet friendly company. when remodeling a pet owner’s home, we will help the owner plan the best option for his pet. We will recommend durable materials specifically for pet owners house like: scratchproof, waterproof, and (not that any of our little angels would do this) accident resistant.

Look Good On The Outside

Looking good on the outside is not just for beauty! A nice roof means nice ceilings. Good-looking windows means peace and quiet and no leaks inside. At Sunset Home Builders, we are exterior remodeling experts. Putting your home in our hands not only means looking good on your block, because it's what's inside that counts.

A Home That Works For You

Energy efficiency? Yeah, that's what we do. Say goodbye to bills, at Sunset Home Builders we connect clients with energy-efficient solutions. Cool paint isn't just cool, it saves you money. Don't get sunburned and burned by your electric bill, let us guide your solar installation. Protect your wallet and your home with our professional solar installs.

After all, We're Family

When it comes to those most personal spaces, every detail counts. When you invite Sunset Home Builders into your home, we understand that your home is your oasis. We listen to home owners and help them avoid the pitfalls of renovation while protecting their investment and respecting their home. Our benchmark for success is a client relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Artificial Grass

An artificial turf is a great option for you if you are looking for something sustainable and don’t have to spend time and resources on maintaining the actual grass that needs water, pest control solutions, fertilizers, and mowing. We will help you with putting up the dense synthetic green grass that will put your neighbors in awe.

Unlike original grass, synthetic grass doesn’t break, get damaged, and form muddy puddles in your home and there is a proper drainage structure in place, so the water doesn’t gather on the surface area. It is durable and may last you up to 10-15 years without any replacement.

Call us now to install artificial grass to your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re somebody who loves to spend a good amount of time at home, host large family gatherings and friends get together, Outdoor Kitchen is a great way of entertainment for yourself.

They add a whole new dimension to your Home, and provide you with a relaxed environment for cooking, chilling and allow your friends to comfortably spread out on a chaotic weekend party.

It is not only good for your activities, But it seriously adds a good amount of return on the resale value of your property in the future. As the concept of an outdoor kitchen is becoming a new norm in the country, you got to get adventurous and try this out for your home.

Contact the following number to get a Quote on your Outdoor Kitchen.


A patio is an outdoor space where you can entertain your guests, enjoy your morning coffee and spend some time to get relaxed.

You can either enclose them or leave them open for the cold winter days or rainy season. It is overall a great space to have not for you but your kids as well.

We provide Patio services to make your home useful and look more attractive.

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Retaining Wall

A perfect solution for homeowners who have an elevated area or slopes in their yard. A retaining wall is built to contain the soil behind the wall through different materials.

The materials that may be used to build these walls are concrete blocks, natural stones, Rocks, and bricks.

Retaining walls should not necessarily be built for functionality only. They also may add up to the visual aesthetics of your home. It is a great choice for you if you are looking to enhance the exterior of your home within a budget.

We offer bespoke retaining walls services to our clients, that are both pet friendly and will beautify your house.

Contact now to get a quote for retaining wall in your home.

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