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We Got You Covered With Our Decking Services

Decking adds to the visual enhancement of your home and also provide you with a great outdoor space for your family, kids, and guests.
It sits well on any surface area, no matter if you have a flat surface or an uneven bumpy terrain. Decking is a great option if you’re looking for a better view and a higher Return on your investment. But your decking should be somewhat low maintenance and last you for a good amount of years.

Your Decking surface is exposed to all sorts of climate and weather changes, so it must be safeguarded with a structural framework that does not harm the visual aesthetics of your home, and will also protect it against natural calamities and make it last for years.

Composite Decking

Easy to clean and not decaying for a long time, composite decking is a great solution for you if you are looking for something that will last you up to 20+ years with a minimum amount of upkeep.

It will not only transform your space into the garden of your dream, but it will also provide excellent traction despite being wet or dry.

Pet-friendly Contractors

We are a pet friendly company. when remodeling a pet owner’s home, we will help the owner plan the best option for his pet. We will recommend durable materials specifically for pet owners house like: scratchproof, waterproof, and (not that any of our little angels would do this) accident resistant.

Look Good On The Outside

Looking good on the outside is not just for beauty! A nice roof means nice ceilings. Good-looking windows means peace and quiet and no leaks inside. At Sunset Home Builders, we are exterior remodeling experts. Putting your home in our hands not only means looking good on your block, because it's what's inside that counts.

A Home That Works For You

Energy efficiency? Yeah, that's what we do. Say goodbye to bills, at Sunset Home Builders we connect clients with energy-efficient solutions. Cool paint isn't just cool, it saves you money. Don't get sunburned and burned by your electric bill, let us guide your solar installation. Protect your wallet and your home with our professional solar installs.

After all, We're Family

When it comes to those most personal spaces, every detail counts. When you invite Sunset Home Builders into your home, we understand that your home is your oasis. We listen to home owners and help them avoid the pitfalls of renovation while protecting their investment and respecting their home. Our benchmark for success is a client relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Trex Decking

Being made of a composite material that is a blend of plastic and wood fibers, the Trex deck is a combination of durability and affordability.

Trex decking is, therefore, stronger than its plastic counterparts. It is a low-maintenance decking option that does not need sealing, painting, re-nailing, and sanding.

Timbertech Decking

Moisture-resistant decking board that is not only protected from the front but also the bottom as well, which prevents it from moisture.

Timbertech is a sustainable option for you, and it is made of almost 73% recycled materials. It provides innovative designs without minimum maintenance or annual painting, staining, and sanding.

Redwood Decking

A popular decking material from the 70’s, and 80’s, Redwood decking is breathtakingly gorgeous. It is stable, straight, and naturally resistant to decay, and it typically lasts for over 30 years.

However, it needs minimum yearly maintenance to keep its color, but It blends beautifully with your surroundings and nearby landscapes.

IPE Decking

It is made up of one of the Longest-lasting hardwoods originating from Brazil. It holds the durability to last up to 50 years without any replacement.

This wood is impressively dense and comes in beautiful brown and Amber tones. It is resistant to decay and rotting, molding, fire, and insect attacks. IPE decking is a perfect choice if you want an anti-slippery surface with premium performance.

Having all these options open for you, Getting your decking right might be a daunting task., So contact Now for a consultation from a team of experts for building and remodeling your decking area.

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