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Kitchen Remodeling

We Can help you Transform your Kitchen

From the designing process to the layout selection, our team works thoughtfully to achieve you’re remodeling objectives.

We will turn your kitchen into a place of convenience and make it functional.

 you will never have to compromise on your must-haves while staying within your initial budget.

We  will guide you and help you with your kitchen remodeling and Construction tasks.

Pet-friendly Contractors

We are a pet friendly company. when remodeling a pet owner’s home, we will help the owner plan the best option for his pet. We will recommend durable materials specifically for pet owners house like: scratchproof, waterproof, and (not that any of our little angels would do this) accident resistant.

Look Good On The Outside

Looking good on the outside is not just for beauty! A nice roof means nice ceilings. Good-looking windows means peace and quiet and no leaks inside. At Sunset Home Builders, we are exterior remodeling experts. Putting your home in our hands not only means looking good on your block, because it's what's inside that counts.

A Home That Works For You

Energy efficiency? Yeah, that's what we do. Say goodbye to bills, at Sunset Home Builders we connect clients with energy-efficient solutions. Cool paint isn't just cool, it saves you money. Don't get sunburned and burned by your electric bill, let us guide your solar installation. Protect your wallet and your home with our professional solar installs.

After all, We're Family

When it comes to those most personal spaces, every detail counts. When you invite Sunset Home Builders into your home, we understand that your home is your oasis. We listen to home owners and help them avoid the pitfalls of renovation while protecting their investment and respecting their home. Our benchmark for success is a client relationship that lasts a lifetime.


The kitchen is the center of the home, a dream kitchen isn’t complete without top-notch appliances. A bad decision can lead the refrigerators that are not counter depth and take up too much space!

We will help you with installing your kitchen appliances to turn your kitchen labor into a joyful activity, but we won’t hang around and do the dishes.


With our dedicated efforts, we offer personalized cabinet system to the kitchens. Whether you want white, black or oak laminate we offer high-quality materials from branded sources. So, You have a plenty of options to pick from for your kitchen cabinets.

Aluminium Cabinets

Add a sophisticated look to your kitchen cabinets and is non-flammable, antirust, waterproof, Aluminium cabinets will last you for years.

Plywood Cabinets

The strength of plywood adds to the longevity of your kitchen and it is resistant to dents and scratches as well.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Provide an Industrial look to your kitchen cabinets and are easy to disinfect and safe for the environment.

Decorative Laminate

Moisture-resistant and protected against stains and scratches, Laminate cabinets provide a modern feel to your kitchen.
Besides these popular ones, we provide a number other materials and finishes for your cabinets. Get in touch with our team and get the cabinets of your choice for your kitchen.


We offer Multiple Flooring options According to your Need and lifestyle.


A perfect material to add a hint of Luxury to your kitchen.


Provide a trendy glossy floor that feels like a cushion underneath your foot.

Concrete Flooring

Smooth and sturdy flooring will last you a lifetime

Vinyl Flooring

Water and Stain-Resistant flooring that is durable and can be installed on the top of your old kitchen floor.


Perfect for the Kitchen Area that has fewer visitors and provides the feeling and texture of Hardwood but at half its price.


Easier to clean and maintain. Tiles come in various colours and designs and provide an excellent finished look to your floor.
Ceramic and Porcelain
– A classic kitchen flooring that looks elegant and clean and comes in different styles to match your kitchen vibe.


We have the perfect countertops for your kitchen.
Heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and easy to maintain, Granite is the most popular choice for countertops in the country. It is a natural stone with a beautiful print on it.
The most sophisticated and elegant-looking material, made of limestone, marble holds a high aesthetic value for countertops.
Artificial Stone
Non-porous and difficult to stain, Artificial stones make an excellent choice for countertops, and they come in different colors and finishes.
Durable and long-lasting, Quartz is a perfect choice if you cook a lot in your kitchen.
Soapstone comes in dark and greyish tones, which feel smooth to the touch, just like soap. It is resistant to bacteria and heat.
Concrete countertops
Concrete countertops are nearly indestructible. It is a great option if you want to experiment with your kitchen using an Industrial material in your kitchen? Get a Quote from us.
Because of its non-porous and dense nature, silestone does not absorb liquids and does not require sealing like natural stone surfaces.
Glass Countertops
Glass countertops are extremely sanitary and they can inhibit the spread of bacteria.

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Sunset Home Builders Inc. is a fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured home remodeling company.

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