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Solar Panels

What is a solar panel and how does it work?

We offer solar power systems to homeowners looking to go green and lower their carbon footprints and also want to reduce their electricity bills and increase the value of their homes. If your home gets adequate amount of sun exposure throughout the year, then solar panels are best suited for you.

How does solar energy make an environmental impact ?

Solar power system does not only reduce toxic indoor pollution in your house but being a renewable energy sources, it also helps to improve public health and safety as well.

Unlike the other energy systems, solar energy does not produce air pollution and greenhouse gases so it has a positive impact on environment.

Pet-friendly Contractors

We are a pet friendly company. when remodeling a pet owner’s home, we will help the owner plan the best option for his pet. We will recommend durable materials specifically for pet owners house like: scratchproof, waterproof, and (not that any of our little angels would do this) accident resistant.

Look Good On The Outside

Looking good on the outside is not just for beauty! A nice roof means nice ceilings. Good-looking windows means peace and quiet and no leaks inside. At Sunset Home Builders, we are exterior remodeling experts. Putting your home in our hands not only means looking good on your block, because it's what's inside that counts.

A Home That Works For You

Energy efficiency? Yeah, that's what we do. Say goodbye to bills, at Sunset Home Builders we connect clients with energy-efficient solutions. Cool paint isn't just cool, it saves you money. Don't get sunburned and burned by your electric bill, let us guide your solar installation. Protect your wallet and your home with our professional solar installs.

After all, We're Family

When it comes to those most personal spaces, every detail counts. When you invite Sunset Home Builders into your home, we understand that your home is your oasis. We listen to home owners and help them avoid the pitfalls of renovation while protecting their investment and respecting their home. Our benchmark for success is a client relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Why should you install Solar panels to your Home?

Although there is some installation and maintenance cost attached to it, but if you think about the long term gains, you can definitely justify its one time installation cost.

After that, you can use solar energy at no additional cost and also save money on your energy bills. You may recover your installation cost by the end of first year using solar panels, because sun doesn’t cost anything and you will produce enough electricity that you won’t have to use energy from the grid anymore.

Contact Us About Solar Panels

Sunset Home Builders Inc. is a fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured home remodeling company.

Want to install Solar Panels?

here are different variations of the solar panels, depending upon the size and type of the panels. To find out which one is best for you, contact our staff to get a consultation.

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