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Remodeling Company Agoura Hills

Remodeling Company Agoura Hills CA. Sunset Home Builders Remodeling and Construction Company provides services in Agoura Hills and the surrounding Areas.

At Sunset Home Builders homeowners can expect expert craftsmanship and high attention to detail. Our remodeling experts will bring to life your remodeling plans from concept stage to a finished project with 100% satisfaction. Live life in the home of your dreams with Sunset Home Builders.

Pet-friendly Contractors

We are a pet friendly company. when remodeling a pet owner’s home, we will help the owner plan the best option for his pet. We will recommend durable materials specifically for pet owners house like: scratchproof, waterproof, and (not that any of our little angels would do this) accident resistant.

Look Good On The Outside

Looking good on the outside is not just for beauty! A nice roof means nice ceilings. Good-looking windows means peace and quiet and no leaks inside. At Sunset Home Builders, we are exterior remodeling experts. Putting your home in our hands not only means looking good on your block, because it's what's inside that counts.

A Home That Works For You

Energy efficiency? Yeah, that's what we do. Say goodbye to bills, at Sunset Home Builders we connect clients with energy-efficient solutions. Cool paint isn't just cool, it saves you money. Don't get sunburned and burned by your electric bill, let us guide your solar installation. Protect your wallet and your home with our professional solar installs.

After all, We're Family

When it comes to those most personal spaces, every detail counts. When you invite Sunset Home Builders into your home, we understand that your home is your oasis. We listen to home owners and help them avoid the pitfalls of renovation while protecting their investment and respecting their home. Our benchmark for success is a client relationship that lasts a lifetime.

How We May Help You ?

Energy Efficient Housing Projects

Energy Efficient Housing Projects

We have a strong standing for the environment. We promote healthy living with energy efficient resources that conserve less energy and water supply to maintain a lifestyle. We
provide green homes to our clients by offering them services of solar panels, artificial turf, cool
paint, energy-saving windows, water conserving plumbing, and electrical insulation.

Pet Friendly House Improvements

Pet Friendly House Improvements

Your pets are not just animals. They are your friends and sometimes more than that. They have their own needs and requirements to live and flourish. So, You definitely would not want to ignore their needs. We are here to guide you and provide your little furry with the home improvements that are necessary for the mental and physical health of your pet. So they don’t have to compromise on their quality of life while being a resident at your place.
Interior Enhancements and Construction Services

Interior Enhancements and Construction Services

We offer interior improvements and construction services to homeowners who want to build a safe and convenient living space. Your home's interior is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer kitchen, bathroom remodeling, painting, flooring, plumbing, and electrical services to elevate your experience while living indoors.
Exterior Enhancement

Exterior Enhancement

We provide exterior enhancements to your home that adds to practicality and an aesthetic
appeal to your home. You want your home to be visually attractive, apart from other important aspects to maintain a structural integrity.
We are here to add beauty to your outside spaces by working on siding choice, artificial grass, windows,
decking, patios, pavers, and other improvements you might be looking for to elevate your curb appeal.

Best Quality

Our goal is to provide quality customer service where each homeowner is 100% satisfied.

Best Materials

By using long-lasting, quality materials, we can ensure the job will be done right the first time.

Affordable Price

We Sunset home builders offers competitive, fair prices for quality craftsmanship

We Transform Your Ideas Into Reality

Your home is not just a place to live. It is your legacy, a place of utmost comfort where you thrive and perform your everyday practical tasks. From incorporating architectural elements to installing high-tech home appliances, we build a home that truly brings peace and tranquility to your life.

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